Tutorial 4

Page Header

Your website header is the first thing your visitors will see. Let’s make it great.

Use text logo

The header, is the zone where your logo and pages links are.

Let’s start with your logo or business name. Double click on it and select the logo type you want. You can place whether a text or an image. Then click on edit.

If you choose the text type, you will enter the edition mode of your logo, simply type your business's name. [...] You can freely change the font, colors or even the size of that text.

Use image logo

Let’s see now how to use an image logo. As earlier, double click on your logo, select the image logo type and click on edit.

In this new brush, click on the “replace image” button [...] then select the image you want to use, in the your assets, or from our free gallerie. You can also upload any image or logo by clicking on the green upload button

And that’s it, the logo is now yours!

Add a page

Let’s see now how to add pages to your website.

To add a new page is easy! Click on the “page configuration” button, then on “Create a new page” and simply enter your new page name.

​For each page you create, you can choose to repeat on it, or not, the header and footer common to the whole website. For a regular page, simply choose to use the header and footer.

To save your new page, click on the “create” button​.

Page configuration

Once your new page is created, you will see the “page configuration” brush.

From here you can decide to show its link in your header or not. To save your changes, simply click on the green save button {at the bottom}.

You can always come back to these settings by clicking on the “page configuration” button, then on the cog button in front of your page name.

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