Tutorial 4

Photo Galleries & Sliders

You want to add pictures, sliders or illustrations?  

Step 1: Choose your gallery

First, to add a gallery, start by opening the “add component” brush by clicking on the add button, then select the gallery section.

Then simply drag and drop the gallery model you like, anywhere you want on the page.

Step 2: Customise element

Now, to customise this element, simply double click on it, then on the “edit gallery content” button.

​In this new “Gallery content” brush, click on the “add image” button. Then select the image you want to use, from your assets, or from our free galleries.

​You can also upload any image or logo by clicking on the green upload button.

Step 2: Get media path

You now have to get the path of your media, no worries, it’s very simple.

For a youtube video, simply open it in your browser, click in the address bar and copy the address shown, this is the video’s URL.

Do the same for others video platforms like Dailymotion or Vimeo.

Step 2 bis: Upload a PDF document

To show a pdf document to your visitors or to let them hear an mp3 file, you first need to upload them.

To upload a new file Click on the “Assets manager” button, select the “Files” category and click on the “Upload file” button.

In this new screen you will be able to drop any file you want to host, from mp3 to pdfs.

​You can also use the browse button to select on the computer the file you want to upload