Tutorial 7

Add & Configure a Contact Form

You want to let your visitors leave you a message or subscribe to your newsletter? Let’s see how to do that.

Choose your form

First, to add a contact form, start by opening the “add component” brush by clicking on the add button, and select the “Contact form” section.

Then simply drag and drop the form model you like, anywhere you want on the page.​

Add a recipient

Now, let’s see how to add a recipient to this form.

As usual, to customise this element, simply double click on it. ​Click on the “Configure” menu.

In the first input, enter your email address, in the second you can give this form a name to indentify it.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to click on the “Validate form settings” button.

In case you don’t want to receive directly every email that are sent to you, you can use the “collect data only” option, which allows you to access anytime every data collected by this form from your dashboard and download them as a CSV file.​

Customize the messages

From this same menu, you can change the action to perform after the visitor sent a message, like to display a message, known as “Submit message”, or redirect him to another page by entering the “Submit link” menu, and simply choose the page you want to redirect to.

You can also customise the message shown when the visitor didn’t fill all the mandatory fields you set, simply by changing the “Missing field message” in the last input.

Customize form's design

From this new “Edit form” brush, you can control everything. Decide whether the fields are mandatory or not using this check box,[...] remove fields or even add new ones.

To add a new field, click on the “Add field” button, enter the field name,[...] select its type, [...] and finally click on the “Add” button.

Everything is customisable, you can give your form the style you like. The “Form design” dedicated menu allows you to modify its layout,[...] margins,[...] sizes, fonts and more.

The send button is fully editable. By entering the “submit button design” menu, you can also change everything like icon, colors or texts​

And that’s it! You can now offer your visitors your very own contact form!

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