Tutorial 1

Create your first project

Welcome to AppDrag, the best and easiest way to build, design and publish your websites in few clicks.

You can create an account with a single click using your Facebook or Google account. You can also create an AppDrag account by clicking on the green button"
In this example we’ll use a Google account. Just choose a password and you’re in!

Step 1: Log in

1. Go to prod.appdrag.com
2. Login with your social account (Facebook, Google+) or click" Signup Now! " to create your Appdrag account.
3. Once logged in you'll be directly redirected to your
Dashboard .

Step 2: Choose your design 

It’s now time to choose your site’s design!

All of our themes are mobile and tablet friendly, which means they’ll look great on any device.

​Use the preview button to see it before choosing it.

Select the template which is the closest to your needs by clickin on "Use this template"

Step 3: Choose your project name  

Then it’s the time to choose your project’s name. It will not only appear like this in your dashboard but will also be the address of your website.

Minimum Lenght ; The name length must be at least 3 characters. It can contain only letters, numbers and"-" (dash).

Maximum Lenght ; 50 characters

Availability ; Your project name must be available. If the name you typed is not available you will have an error message asking you to choose another name

Your website is now creating, in a moment you’ll be ready to welcome your first visitors!

The project is now created! You are automatically redirected to the page builder. We will show you how to make some modifications on images and text of your new website.

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