Tutorial 2

Quick modifications

Edit text

To edit any text, simply double click on it!

​At the screen top, you will find every styling buttons you need. 

Give your text the style you want.

Change images

To change images is as easy!

Simply double click on it, then click on the"Replace image" button.

From there, you can choose any image from your assets, from our image librairies, or just upload your own.

Replace a section

To replace a section, simply click on the replace section button.​

You will access hundreds of Appdrag’s awesome sections, available for you to use anywhere

Pick the category you want, choose the section you like and you’re done!​

Add a section

To add a new section is as simple!

​Click on the left menu to pen it, then on the add button, select the desired category, and  drop the section you like anywhere on your page.

You can use as many sections as you want, combine them, or even create your own.

​Your creativity is the limit!

Remove a section

To remove a section, simply click on it, and then on the bin icon, the section will be automatically removed.


You removed a section by mistake?

​With AppDrag no worries! You can always cancel any modification you made just by clicking the undo button at the top of the builder.

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