Tutorial 10

Project Overview Dashboard

Let's discover all your wonderful dashboard’s features​

Access the dashboard

After you logged in, you’ll automatically redirected to your dashboard. From here, you can see all your existing projects, or create new ones by a single click.

To access one project’s dashboard, simply click on its “Settings” button

You will see your stats at the bottom of this page and be able to follow day by day your bandwidth usage, pages viewed, storage used and more.

​You can also select any time period using the datepicker.​

Change the favicon

From this dashboard, you can customize your website favicon. A favicon is the little logo that’s shown on each open tabs in your browser.

To change it, simply click on the “Upload favicon” button, and choose on your computer any PNG image file you want to use.

Publish / Unpublish

You want to make your website invisible for a moment?

From this dashboard you can also publish or unpublish your project in a second.
Click on the green “Published” button and finally on “Unpublish”.

To do the opposite action, click on “Unpublished” button, then on “publish”​.

Change template

With AppDrag it’s always possible to change your mind.

Anytime you want to change your whole design, you can use the “Change template” button.

Click on the"Edit" button and select"Change template".

Then simply choose from our large templates gallery the one you like.


Note ; Changing template will reset your project and therefore will erase every modifications you made.


From the dashboard, you also have the possibility to share your project with coworkers.

The project will then appear also on their dashboard, allowing them to modify it.

​​For this, click on the share button just above your project's preview, enter your coworkers email addresses (the one they use on AppDrag), and validate by clicking on the plus (+) button.

Exiting the dashboard

Lastly, to exit your project’s dashboard, simply click on the “Close” button in the upper right corner.​

Don't hesitate to discover all the features available from your dashboard, and let's do wonders!

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