Tutorial 11


Let's see how to manage your domains​.

Access Domains settings

From each project's dashboard, you can enter your domains settings by clicking on the “Domains” tab.

From there, to use a domain name to your project, few options are offered to you: ​

Buy a domain

To buy a domain name, search any name you would like to own and check if its available.  

If it is, select it by clicking on its price.

Simply follow the steps, and once you entered your infos, the domain name will be yours!

Transfer a Domain

You already own a domain and want to use it with AppDrag? No problem! You have the choice to transfer it to AppDrag, and then being able to manage it from your dashboard, or just to use it without transferring it.

To transfer your domain to AppDrag, open the “Transfer” menu.

Enter your domain name in the dedicated field.

Simply follow the steps shown on the screen and the transferring process will begin.​​​

Use a Untransfered Domain 

Finally, to use an existing domain with your AppDrag project without transferring it, open the last menu and enter your domain name, starting with www. 

Then confirm it by clicking on the “add” button.

Follow the shown instructions with your registrar and you will be able to use your domain in no time!

Domains List

Whether you just bought it or you transferred it, all your domains will appear under the “Domains list” menu, where you can check their expiration dates or remove them.​​

A good domain name can surprisingly enhance your business, give it a try!

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