Tutorial 14


You want to create your own online blog? No problem, create it in a few clicks with AppDrag!

Choose your layout

Start by creating a project (if you haven't done so previously). You can see how to do that in our first tutorial.

First, to add a blog section, start by opening the “add component” brush by clicking on the add button, then select the blog section and drop the one you like anywhere you want on your page.

Create / Remove articles

Double click on your blog section, and select the “Blog manager”.

​From this blog manager, you can create or remove articles easily. To create a new article, click on the “New post” button on the top-left corner then select a template.

From that screen, you can give your post a title, a subtitle, add the author name and insert images.

Give your text the style you like and don’t forget to save it!

To delete an article, select it on the articles list on the left side, and simply click on the delete button.

Customize Articles List

Now, let’s customize the article’s list you previously dropped.

Click on the AppDrag logo to get back to the builder. Double click on the blog element then on the “customize list item” button.

From this new page, you can change every texts or buttons, colors, sizes, and even add new elements.

Please note that the new elements that you drop there will stay the same for every articles.

That’s it! You can now share what’s important to you around the world.